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General Information

Styrkeprøven Rett Vest is a challenging 50-kilometre mountain tour across the Bergen peninsula, held on an annual basis.


If you should need further information in English, please contact:

The tour is a simple, non-profit arrangement, organised by volunteers who also participate on the tour. There are a few organised safety-measures.
Every-one participates at his/her own risk, and every-one is responsible for his/her own safety. In case of an accident, we must all be prepared to stop and help each other.

During the 50 kilometres you will climb eight mountains, 3.000 meters up, 3.300 meters down. About 45 km. of the trip is in rugged terrain, on mountain trails and tracks. Some stretches are without any visible footpaths.

About 150-200 people take part each year. Some are able to run most of the way, and can finish in around 6 hours. Others take their time, spending 13-14 hours to complete the journey. 
Before joining the tour, you must evaluate your own physical capacity and abilities. 
Compared to the 7-mountain tour (7-fjellsturen), the Rett Vest is 50–60% longer and much harder.

A few parts of the trip are marked by light blue and black wooden markers, or light blue and black painted arrows on the ground, as well as on the asphalt on the road segments. But the greater part of the trail is not identified in any special way.
If you are not familiar with the mountain terrain around Bergen, it is strongly recommended that you should only participate on Rett Vest together with someone who knows the tour.

Equipment: Good off-road/terrain shoes or boots are important. Street-shoes are NOT adequate.
Your feet will get wet and dirty, that is guaranteed. 
The route takes you to an altitude of almost 1000-meters, in exposed terrain.
You must wear wind- and waterproof clothing, be prepared for rain (even snow), and for strong cold winds.

Everyone shall carry a back-pack with warm extra clothing, and with sufficient food and drink to give you energy throughout the day. 
Map and compass are recommended.

A fully charged mobile telephone, in a watertight bag is mandatory.

Before you start, your back-pack will be inspected. 

Be prepared - this is how you will look after 50 kilometers :

If the organisers do not think that you are qualified or equipped for the tour, they reserve the right to refuse you to start. Minimum age 16 years.

All participants must register on the website beforehand, and provide your name and mobile telephone number. The registration is open from around mid summer.

At the same time as making your registration you also make a declaration that you accept to participate in Styrkeprøven Rett Vest on your own responsibility, and
that you will respect the safety measures set down in the Safety Rules for the tour.


BEFORE THE START the Chief-of-the-Day will give a short speech, in Norwegian.

This is to stress the THREE MOST IMPORTANT POINTS : -

1) Stay on the trail. Do not descend from the trail over the first four mountains, except by using one of the four marked EXITS. They are marked on the map, and on the trail by wooden signs in red, see the four photos under the link "Viktig informasjon" at the top of this homepage.

2) You shall register your number at the three check-points; Redningshytten (Gullfjellet) at Unneland, and at Turnerhytten (Ulriken). It is YOUR responibility that your number is registered.

3) Stay in touch with the Tour Crew by mobile phone if you are running late, if you decide to abandon the tour, or if you do not make it to the Finish for any other reason.

We need to know where you are. Call us and tell us.  Please, no SMS.


At the bottom of Livarden and on your way up Ulriken you will pass through four cattle-gates:  open them and close them behind you !


Cut-Off at Redningshytten (Gullfjellet) is at 10:15 am, and at the last mountain Lyderhorn at 20:30 pm.  One of the Tour Crew will act as "sweeper", to guide the last participants over this steep mountain down to the Finish.


If the Saturday weather is too poor, the Organisers may decide to postpone the Tour 24 hours until Sunday. This will only be decided Saturday morning. If the technology works as promised, all participants will receive an SMS - warning early Saturday morning.


In addition there wiill be members of the Crew at the Start to stop anyone who has not received the notice of postponement.